Vessels for Honor

Nevertheless the solid foundation of God stands, having this seal: “The Lord knows those who are His,” and, “Let everyone who names the name of Christ depart from iniquity.” But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay, some for honor and some for dishonor. Therefore if anyone cleanses himself from the latter, he will be a vessel for honor, sanctified and useful for the Master, prepared for every good work.  2 Timothy 2:19-21

Paul realizes that the situation is now changed in Rome from the first time he was jailed. He realizes that the sentence of death is upon him. He knows his time is very short, that he will soon be executed by Nero for his faith in Jesus Christ. And so realizing that his execution is only a matter of time, Paul writes his final letter to Timothy, his son in the faith. This young man that Paul had discipled and spent so much time with to invest in Timothy’s life so that he could carry on the work of Paul once he was gone. So Paul now is writing his final epistle, this is the last of Paul’s words that have been inspired by the Holy Spirit (2 Peter 1:20-21), shortly after this, Paul was beheaded there on the Appian way just outside of Rome.

If you take the name of Christian, if you take the name of Christ as your identity in this life, then you must depart from iniquity. Paul wrote to the Galatians, I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me (Galatians 2:20). When a person trusts in Christ for salvation, he spiritually participates with the Lord in His crucifixion and His victory over sin and death. The believer’s old self is dead, having been crucified with Christ (Romans 6:3,5), with the believer’s new man having now the privilege of the indwelling resurrected Christ empowering him and living through him. So when you choose to follow after Christ, you know what it means to deny yourself and take up your cross and follow Him. This is the solid foundation of God which is what the church, the body of Christ builds their lives upon. Which cannot be overcome by the forces of hell (Matthew 16:18), and is made up of those who belong to Him.

The Lord knows those who are His—This reference comes from the Old Testament account where Moses declares to Korah and all his company who gathered against Moses and Aaron, saying: “Tomorrow morning the Lord will show who is His and who is holy, and will cause him to come near to Him. That the one whom He chooses He will cause to come near to Him” (Numbers 16:4-5), and what we read after is that the earth opened its mouth and swallowed up Korah, and all those who sided with him, and their households. God’s awareness is He knows not in the sense of awareness, but rather in the sense of intimate relationship, as a husband knows his wife. God knows us and has chosen us to be His.

But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay; some for honor, some for dishonor—Paul refers here to the church as a great house. Jesus in the kingdom parables indicated that the church was going to become something God didn’t intend it to be. Those seven parables in Matthew’s gospel, twelfth and thirteenth chapters deals with the Kingdom Age, talking about the church. It’s like a mustard seed that’s very small, but was planted and grew up into a great tree. And birds  or the fowls of the air came to lodge there, the birds in Scripture are always used in the evil sense. In the parable of the sower, it was the birds who came and snatched away the seed  by the wayside. Now the birds represent Satan, the seed represents the Word of God, who plucked the seed so that it couldn’t take root. What Jesus is saying is that Satan will find lodging with the branches of the church. And yes, that is true of the church today. There is so much junk that comes out of proclamations of false teachers in the church’s today. That if you are not discerning enough, will be mislead and believe in another gospel. Millions of people have been lead astray by such false doctrines, but we must remember Jesus’ words: “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it” (Matthew 7:13-14). Now both of these are presumed to be the entrance to God’s kingdom, the narrow gate is by faith, and only through Christ. And it leads to true salvation the way God’s people take. Christ emphasizes the continuance in faith due to the difficulties of following Him.

Vessels for honor—Now the Greek word is very general and was used to describe various tools, utensils, and even furniture found in a home. In the “great house” analogy, Paul contrasts two kinds of utensils or serving dishes; Some for honor—In a wealthy home, the ones made of precious “gold or silver” were used for honorable purposes such as serving food with to serve your families and welcomed guests. Some for dishonor—Were those vessels made with “wood or clay” were never used but for dishonorable things such as garbage and human waste. Very much contrasted indeed.

Beloved friend, Anyone who wants to be useful to the Lord for honorable purposes, no matter what your background is. Even a common wood bucket or clay pot becomes useful when purged and made holy. It is through the blood of Christ, who died on the cross for the sins of mankind, who can cleanse us from all unrighteousness (cleanses himself) this is what Paul was telling Timothy to preach to the church, the good news of the gospel, that we can be saved from the judgment of sin. The Greek word for “cleanses himself “  means “to thoroughly clean out” or “to completely purge,” Through the washing of God’s Word, the Bible, we can have our minds washed and cleansed from impurity by the renewing of our minds in Christ. This is part of our sanctification which is to be set apart for the Lord for noble purposes. Do you have faith to believe God can deliver you from anything in this life that may have a hold on you? That perhaps you’ve brought to Him before, and somehow, through whatever circumstances has still a stronghold in your life. God wants you set free from these things and wants to use you for noble purposes. He has a plan for your life that includes many blessings yet to be unfolded, would join me in prayer; Lord Jesus, Thank You for my salvation, for Your mercy and grace that You’ve so generously bestow upon me everyday. Lord, I want to be a useful vessel in Your hands. Would You remove from my heart, anything or anyone who is trying take first place before You! As I choose Your way and will for my life, may I discover wonderful new things for which I can take part in and be someone You use to further the gospel to our world, Lord, let it be always for Your glory and honor, and for my good, In Jesus’ name, amen!

May the Lord bless your walk with Him!





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