Past, Present, Future

Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer (Romans 12:12)

Unlike the English word “hope” the New Testatment word contains no uncertainty, it speaks of something that is certain, but not yet realized. The believer’s ultimate destiny is to share in the very glory of God (Romans 8:29-30) and that hope will be realized because Christ Himself secures it (1 Tim.1:1). Christians have hope for the future because Christ purchased salvation for them on the cross (past) Sanctifies them through His Spirit in the (present) and will lead them to glory in the (future). Without the clear and certain promises of the Word of God, the believer would have no basis for such hope.

Persevrance-Sometimes translated “patience”, this word refers to endurance, the ability to remain under tremendous weight and pressure without giving into. Tribulations-Another word used for pressure, like that of a press squeezing the fluid from olives or grapes. It describes not normal pressure of day to day living, but rather the extraordinary troubles that come to followers of Christ ( 2Cor.4:8). Such difficulties produce rich spiritual benefits. Having a continued steadfast prayer life, is without a doubt the most needed substance of learned relationship with Christ. The dependance on HimĀ in all things, and for all things is our basis for a healthy prayer life.

God bless your walk! Continue in your faith with hope and love!

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