Kindness of God

The merciful man does good for his own soul, But he who is cruel troubles his own flesh {Proverbs 11:17}.

A kind man benefits himself. Kindness, as it is used in the Bible, means to be kind-hearted. The kindness of love seeks only the best for others, regardless of their response, and is indifferent to all walks of life. Shows no favortism. It discards all bitterness and thoughts of revenge and lives at peace with everyone. Before we get too discouraged because we seldom resemble this kindness in our lives, let’s remember that this is a characteristic of Christ. And He has empowered us by His Holy Spirit to bear fruit of His own divine nature. Love that is kind must be the distinctive characteristic of Christ’s followers. Our kindness must evident to all people, then we will succeed in being His witnesses. When your asked about the source of your kindness, and its distinctiveness, so may they find Jesus in you!

Love suffers long, and is kind {1 Cor. 13:4}   May God bless your walk today!

Author: rontrujillo

Married 37 years We have six children. All of whom are adult. Three are married one of them blessed us with three beautiful grandchildren. Retired Firefighter @ Boeing Aircraft 37 years (Formally McDonnell Douglas) Born Again Summer of 1981

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