Joy in Your Walk

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! {Philippians 4:4}

The mark of  a Christians walk should be the joy with which he/she approaches each new day. No matter how difficult the circumstances in which we find ourselves, we carry in our hearts the presence of God. And in the presence of God there is fullness of joy {Psalm 16:11}. This joy is based on the knowledge that God is good and God  is in control, and in all things will work out for our good, as we love Him and walk in His purpose and plan for our lives. It is a joy that the world finds difficult to understand, because their joy is circumstancial. Having said that, As we grow in Christ, we find that the fruit of the Holy Spirit {Galatians 5:22-23} increases in us. Our perspective on events changes, and we are able to see in each circumstance a glimpse of the joy that comes from the presence of God.  God Bless your walk today!

Author: rontrujillo

Married 37 years We have six children. All of whom are adult. Three are married one of them blessed us with three beautiful grandchildren. Retired Firefighter @ Boeing Aircraft 37 years (Formally McDonnell Douglas) Born Again Summer of 1981

2 thoughts on “Joy in Your Walk”

  1. Hi Ronny

    Read your blogs and i’m proud of you and your step toward a more public ministry…keep it up. May GOD bless you and may HE give you a speedy recovery!!!


  2. Ron, Gary,Brian and myself were just reflecting on some of the amazing things that we have witnessed in our faithful little bible study the Lord Jesus has graced us with. Over the 20+ years we have known each other we are amazed at the gift he has given you in bringing clear and practical insight to the word of God. Clearly your habit of daily prayer and the word of God directed towards the many people around you is reaching the heart of God and moving you towards service of his people. This blog is the perfect vehicle to share with many more people what we have been so blessed to take part in every day. Love you Man!

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