A Man of Integrity

“Teacher, we know that You are true, and care about no one; for You do not regard the person of men, but teach the way of God in truth.” (Mark 12:14)

Jesus, is our model of the undivided heart! From His undidived heart flowed the deep waters of conviction and spiritual integrity. Jesus’ critics who were trying here in the text to trap Him over the issue of taxes, could not make Him bend and finally had to admit: Teacher, we know You are a Man of integrity. You aren’t swayed by men, because You pay no attention to who they are; but You teach the way of God in accordance of the truth. (Emphasis added) Jesus’ identity in His Father was formed in His heart in such a way that the world saw a real man. One who was free to love, help , heal, and serve. Free to teach, confront hypocrisy, and connect radically with people. And most importantly to us as Christaians, Jesus Christ modeled how to release Himself fully to God’s purposes in the face of personal suffering. A real test of a man’s integrity.

Beloved saint, Steady on in your walk with the Lord today, lean on His strength, and His Word of truth and integrity.

May the Lord bless your walk!

Author: rontrujillo

Married 37 years We have six children. All of whom are adult. Three are married one of them blessed us with three beautiful grandchildren. Retired Firefighter @ Boeing Aircraft 37 years (Formally McDonnell Douglas) Born Again Summer of 1981

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